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My name is Barbara Schwab, I fell in love with doodles in 2003 when we brought home our first labradoodle Tahoe.  He was so smart and fun that we decided to add another doodle and his half brother Reno, a Goldendoodle joined our family.

That was it, I was hooked and 2 more doodles joined us.  I then got a wild hair and decided I wanted to breed these wonderful dogs.  I began to study and learn and read about breeding, I found a mentor to give me hands on experience and training.  While I was studying I purchased a couple of girls to begin our program with.  We bred quite a few litters in our home in CA but then the grandbabies began arriving in PA and we moved the program and began to concentrate on only Goldendoodles.  All of our litters and born and raised in our home. Some of our dogs live in guardian homes but come here to whelp and raise their pups.  When they retire they remain with their guardians for the rest of their lives.
Our goal is to provide you with a wonderful low to no shed, allergy friendly pet with a wonderful temperament. There is no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog as allergies are as individual as the person that has them. Most doodles are well tolerated by people with allergies. We can provide you with a wonderful puppy but you have put in the effort to make him or her a great dog!



Puppies are raised in our home and handled daily. They are exposed to common household sounds ,children, and cats.  They are checked by our vet often and will have had their first vaccinations and have been wormed and microchipped. 

Health Testing

The health of our breeding dogs and the puppies they produce is very important to us.  We test hips, elbows, patellas and heart via -OFA, eyes(CERF and PRA-prcd and/or GR_PRA if applicable),  and Thyroid. Our goal is to make each generation better than the generation before. If a dog does not pass testing they are spay or neutered and placed in a pet home.

Our Home

We are located in a small town in South Central, PA. We have 2.5 acres with 3 large, grassy fenced yards. The Big dogs have their own space to play and an additional area we allow access to when we are around to hang out with them. The puppies use the front yard for outside play. We are out in the country surrounded by farmland. The puppies have their own bedroom in the house, right off the LR so they hear all the daily activities.

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